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Bell Tower of the Former Matsushiro Domain

Bell Tower of the Former Matsushiro Domain Nagano City Cultural Heritage

The “Bell of Time” bell tower that brings you back to the Edo period

  • 5 min
  • Free
  • Closed

The Matsushiro bell tower was built in 1801. The pedestal is 13 m and stands 3 floors tall.
It was rung every two hours to let the people living around the castle know what time it was. Today, the bell sounds at 10:00 and 15:00.
Folklore says that the Matsushiro Domain retainer Zozan Sakuma used this bell tower in one of his experiments with the telegraph.

Highlights of Bell Tower of the Former Matsushiro Domain

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166-2 Matsushiro, Matsushiro-machi, Nagano
Exterior only, 24hr
Generally open year-round

Admission fee


Access ・ Parking lot

Public transportation
30 min from Nagano Station’s Zenkoji exit.
Board the Alpico Bus (No. 30) bound for Matsushiro at boarding point #3.
Get off at the Hachijuni Ginko bus stop and walk 3min.
Private vehicle
10 min from the Nagano Interchange
4 regular vehicles

Sananda Treasures Museum Parking
(4 min walk from the Bell Tower)
Lot: 3 large-size buses and around 70 regular vehicles
Multipurpose toilet