Spear Hall

In this largest dōjō hall of the school, they practiced using weapons with long handles, such as yari spears, naginata pole swords, and nagamaki swords. It was also here at Sōjutsusho where they gave lectures on Western gunnery, the latest weapons in the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate.
In 1873, Sōjutsusho was relocated and reconstructed as living quarters for the monks of Chōkokuji Temple (Sanada Family’s family temple), which had been burned down in the previous year. In March 1997, Sōjutsusho was moved back to its original location to regain its former magnificence.
Apparently, spearsmanship was popular in Matsushiro Domain, and they often took pupils out to Mt. Saijo for outdoor or midwinter exercise.