Literary Hall

The largest structure of Bunbu Gakkō, Bungakusho is divided into four areas by their use and the social positions of their users; it housed an auditorium, classroom, kitchen, office, and an anteroom for the domain lord. Its three entrances were segregated by social positions; one for the domain lord, one for masters, and one for pupils, from east to west.
The main hall was often partitioned into small classrooms. When the military academy was established as an annex to Bunbu Gakkō in 1869 to increase the number of pupils, the second floor was built onto a hall and a structure was relocated from the feudal lord's residence for use as a classroom.
When the education system was promulgated to begin modern education in 1872, an anteroom for the feudal lord was converted into a principal's office and the Administrative Office became a faculty room to take over respective functions. The main hall, where the pupils studied, on the other hand, was once used as an indoor exercise area by removing fusuma sliding doors and tatami mats.