At this kitchen, they prepared tea and meals. At the center is an irori sunken fireplace with a smokestack on the roof. Rooms surrounding the kitchen were kept for the back-office staff of the school and had only simple décor - no tatami mats on the floor and no ceilings.
A historical record from the Edo period mentions several names of officials in such positions as ban’nin and chūgen, who took turns fulfilling such duties as management of tools and equipment for use at the school, repair of school buildings, and removal of snow in wi
er. At the end of the year, they received sake or money as rewards for their snow shoveling.
At Bunbu Gakkō, practices of martial arts were divided into morning and afternoon sessions, but a run-through from morning to afternoon was given for kenjutsu swordsmanship and sojutsu spearsmanship.