Oima Parlor

Rooms to the far west of the building were for visiting feudal lords and guests. The innermost room with an alcove was called oima, which was reserved for feudal lords who visited Bunbu Gakkō.
Unlike other rooms, decorative nailhead covers were used on the pillars and different colors of plaster were applied to the walls. One can easily imagine that its tatami mats and fusuma sliding doors must have been distinguished variants “customized for the noble lords,” although none have remained to this day.
When the earthen walls were dismantled during the major repair, twisted washi paper strings were found to be pressed in between the wall and the pillar. They were obviously for stopping up the drafts for consideration to visiting feudal lords.
The room in the foreground is otsugi antechamber. Its northern portion was called goyōjo, where officials reported pupils attendance to school events or chief retainers stood by.