Route Guide

Among the countless noteworthy historical places scattered throughout the area, we have carefully selected the following from among the spots that still give you a taste of history. In addition to your tour of the Sanada Treasures Museum, select the route that best fits your schedule and interests.

Recommended walking route

  • =distance
  • =Time required
  • =Admission fee

Standard Route

  • 0.5km
  • Abt. 1hr 5min
  • ¥1,100

The most basic route, it will cover the Sanada Family Residence in approximately one hour.

Walking Route

  • 0.9km
  • Abt. 2hr 00min
  • ¥1,100

This route lets you interact with locals as you take in the sites and stop into places.

Full Walking Route

  • 3.5km
  • Abt. 4hr 20min
  • ¥1,700

Tour Matsushiro Castle Town’s main historic sites and cultural heritages.

Reki Michi (Historical Path) Route

  • 1km
  • Abt. 1hr 20min
  • ¥600

Take a journey through history at the base of Mt. Zozan.

Samurai Residence Route

  • 2km
  • Abt. 1hr 40min
  • ¥400

Samurai residences and views of the Sensui Waterway and gardens

  • Expenses are shown at adult rates (high school students and above).